Access Control

Access Control is the management of who goes where and when. It starts with the unique access credentials issued to every person who is allowed to enter. Software defines the entrances, times and rules for entry of each credential holder, or for a group. This information can then be distributed to various door, elevator and control panels for quick, dependable decision making each and every time a person requests to unlock a door.

Identification and screening of visitors

Locks and keys allow you to secure your building, though if they are broken, lost or fall into the wrong hands you have to incur the expense of changing your locks and replacing your keys.

Our access control systems offer you simplicity. We offer several different types, which come in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes allowing you to customise your security. These door entry systems allow the identification and screening of visitors. Systems can also be used in conjunction with one another, for example, they can be used with intercom systems where pressing a button on the handset will unlock the door for the visitor.

Security specialists Leamy CCTV installs access control systems, security cameras and security gates for both businesses and homes throughout Northland.
Business security specialists Leamy CCTV installs security cameras, CCTV, alarm systems and security gates for businesses throughout Northland.

Benefits of using Access Control

  • Reduced losses due to inventory shrinkage, walk in thieves and insecure asset storage
  • Improved management of occupational health and safety risks associated with hazardous areas and materials
  • Limiting physical access to areas storing sensitive information
  • Records of movement useful for investigating unexpected or undesired activity

Leamy CCTV is able to provide a full range of access control systems and measures. If you need to install access control technology into your home, business, club or other event area for added security, then there are a huge number of options and access control possibilities available to meet your needs and budget.

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