CCTV Camera Systems

Here at Leamy CCTV, we provide complete CCTV camera installation whether for a small home or a multi-building industrial complexes. Our CCTV camera systems can link in with automated gates, smart door locks, and alarm systems.

CCTV Recording

Our Network Video Recorders (NVRs) allow you to store massive amounts of data and can be upgraded as required. This allows the installation of full HD cameras, boosting the clarity of your CCTV footage and the time period footage can be stored. NVRs can be searched locally via a monitor, over your network or remotely via your Smartphone or other IP enabled device (laptops, tablets, etc). Easy to use search options allow you to search by time, date, alarm activation and much more.

Security specialists Leamy CCTV installs CCTV, alarm systems, mesh networks, access control and security gates for businesses and homes in Northland.

CCTV Analytics

CCTV analytics helps you to harness the power of your CCTV system. Many of the IP CCTV cameras we install now have CCTV analytics built in. CCTV analytics software identifies events such as unauthorized entry, vehicle movements, and objects left in or removed from an area as potential threats and notifies you that the event has taken place. The system is also self-learning meaning that it learns to tell the difference between genuine alarms and false alarms, saving you time and money.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

ANPR systems automatically identify vehicles by their number plates. You can use them in tandem with CCTV analytics to create access lists so that gates open automatically when an authorized vehicle approaches. Alternatively, you can remove the barriers altogether and create a ‘digital fence’ which simply notifies you when a new or unauthorized vehicle enters the site.

CCTV Service, Repair & Maintenance

As well as providing a CCTV camera installation service, we also operate a CCTV camera repair & maintenance service. As part of the installation process, we will draw up a comprehensive maintenance plan for your system, which you can take up upon completion as an optional extra. We can also inspect and service any existing CCTV camera system you may already have so you can be sure they are properly installed and maintained to the highest standards.

If you would like more information about any of our services please contact us.

A closed-circuit television camera is an electronic camera that is used for video surveillance. Security cameras come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, configurations and are designed to meet different purposes. If you are looking for expert camera installation in Northland, look no further to secure your home and business.

Northland CCTV installation specialists Leamy CCTV installs security camera and CCTV systems for both businesses and homes throughout Northland

CCTV Camera Types and Their Purpose

  • 1. Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras are named after their shape are typically used for indoor security systems. The dome shape of these cameras allows them to be inconspicuous because it is hard to tell the direction the cameras are facing, however being still visible to the eyes. They are widely used in retail spaces. Since they are installed on the ceiling of the room they are mostly vandal proof. All of are dome  cameras are designed with infrared illuminators which enable them to capture videos in dark conditions.

  • Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras have a long and tapered cylinder like design. They are mostly used outdoors, especially in areas where long viewing is necessary. However, they can be used indoors where the long viewing is required. Most bullet cameras come with a fixed angle of view of  80 degrees. A bullet camera is usually fitted with varifocal lens allowing real time zooming.

  • Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera

PTZ cameras gives the surveillance operator the freedom to pan, tilt and zooms the lens. You can manually control these cameras or program them to follow an accurate view of things or folow motion. Since these cameras can be monitored using live controls, they are employed in highly sensitive zones where live monitoring is required. PTZ cameras can have incredible zoom and can use laser to light up a subject in the dark more than 500m away

Ask for your free security inspection

When installing CCTV, or upgrading an existing system, you will probably need help in making some decisions about the type and number of cameras needed, their placement, the operating software and other hardware required. In addition, you’ll need the training and support to ensure your system is kept working to its full potential.

At Leamy CCTV we are happy to discuss your security needs with you by offering an onsite, no obligation security inspection and quotation service.