Professional Security Advice

An effective CCTV camera system is now absolutely essential for both combating and preventing crime on your business premises. A business without up to date CCTV cameras and security systems is at risk not just from burglary and vandalism, but also from theft of data, personal information and possible staff issues.

Home security, too, are becoming increasingly common as people seek to protect their property and their loved ones.

Remember too that, not only is a CCTV system a great deterrent to criminals but that having professional products supplied and installed by a fully licenced provider means that the footage your cameras capture is legally usable in court and can help to secure a conviction.

Northland CCTV camera installation and security specialists Leamy CCTV installs security cameras, CCTV, alarm systems and security gates for both businesses and homes throughout Northland.

When thinking of getting a CCTV system, or upgrading an existing system, we understand that you will probably need help in making some decisions about the number of cameras needed, type of cameras, the placement, the operating software and other hardware required. In addition you then need to consider the installation, training and ongoing maintenance to ensure your system is kept working to its full potential.

At Leamy CCTV we understand the importance of ensuring that your CCTV system operates effectively to save your business money and to protect your home and property. Our experienced and fully licenced team are up to date with all the latest equipment, industry standards and changes in the law. Our friendly team are happy to discuss your security needs with you. We offer a free onsite, no obligation security inspection, quotation service and security advice service.

You can also call us to arrange a demonstration of our products at our offices at 20 State Highway 1 in Kawakawa (opposite the Caltex Garage) so that you can try them out for yourself before making a decision about which you require.

CCTV contributes to the security of individuals, families, businesses and communities. Because we are a local company we are able to provide a fast, affordable and reliable service.

We’re proud to be a part of keeping Northlanders safe. Contact us today to arrange your free security inspection and no obligation quote.

Ask for your free security inspection

At Leamy CCTV we are happy to discuss your security needs with you by offering an onsite, no obligation security inspection and quotation service.